Jennifer Turfen, a Top Travel Influencer and Digital Nomad

Jennifer Turfen, also known as @izkiz on Instagram, is a popular and professional travel photographer and content creator originated from England. Started from a hobby, now taking beautiful and colorful pictures while traveling all around the world has become her passion and her job.

A beautiful shot by @izkiz in Cappardocia, Turkey

Everything started in May 2011: Jennifer joined Instagram and became an addict straight away. Being a travel lover since very young, she used to take photos of everything with an iPhone 3GS and posted her pictures on this now very famous platform for fun. Back then, Instagram was a very small community so Jennifer managed to grow her page very easily. She edited her own photos using editing apps like DeluxeFX on her own phone and this became her passion pretty quickly. She would shoot, edit and upload every single day.

As Instagram became bigger, Jennifer was also slowly influencing others through her photos by showing the diverse culture all around the world and getting more and more people sending her messages asking her information about her stay at places she traveled at.

Today Jennifer Turfer has more 2.94 millions followers on Instagram, a thousand of posts and on average, 14k likes per post. She has a distinctive and recognizable way of shooting pictures which is colorful, brightful and summery.

An example of pictures Jennifer Turfen posts on her Instagram

Jennifer is careful about who she collaborates with. She works with brands who fit and blend with her style to make it natural. She also has created a blog to count her travel around the world and promote certain destinations and hotels she stayed at.

She had worked with PADI and Aqaba Tourism for instance and shot beautiful pictures of Jordan. She promotes this place by telling her story during her journey there, her activities and where she stayed at in each different cities illustrated with pictures.

Extract of Jennifer’s story on her blog in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Jennifer Turfen managed to turn her passion into a job while slowly building her community on Instagram. One of her advice for aspiring photographers and social media influencers was to find their own style of content creation and to regularly engage with their community.

“Do what you love and be active” – Jennifer Turfen, during an interview with MediaKix

A reel presenting an hotel where she stayed at during her stay in Mykons, Greece

Linda XU, EMLV, DMS, 2021

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